The Simpsons - Season 23

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The Simpsons - Season 23
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Title:The Simpsons - Season 23
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Air Date: 2011-09-25
Season Number: 23
Total Episodes: 22
Stars: Hank Azaria (Apu), Yeardley Smith (Lisa Simpson), Julie Kavner (Marge Simpson), Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson), Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson), Harry Shearer (Ned Flanders)
Set in Springfield, the average American town, the show focuses on the antics and everyday adventures of the Simpson family; Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, as well as a virtual cast of thousands. Since the beginning, the series has been a pop culture icon, attracting hundreds of celebrities to guest star. The show has also made name for itself in its fearless satirical take on politics, media and American life in general.
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The Falcon and the D'Ohman

Episode 1 : The Falcon and the D'Ohman

Homer befriends Wayne, a reserved security guard...
September 25, 2011
Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts

Episode 2 : Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts

Superintendent Chalmers reveals his hero as...
October 02, 2011
Treehouse of Horror XXII

Episode 3 : Treehouse of Horror XXII

Simpsons' twentysecond Halloween show. The...
October 30, 2011
Replaceable You

Episode 4 : Replaceable You

Bart’s science fair project, a mechanical...
November 06, 2011
The Food Wife

Episode 5 : The Food Wife

Marge takes Bart and Lisa on a weekend excursion,...
November 13, 2011
The Book Job

Episode 6 : The Book Job

Lisa becomes disheartened when she learns the...
November 20, 2011
The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants

Episode 7 : The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants

The Simpsons host a tastemaker party at their...
November 27, 2011
The Ten-Per-Cent Solution

Episode 8 : The Ten-Per-Cent Solution

Krusty the Clown becomes depressed after getting...
December 04, 2011
Holidays of Future Passed

Episode 9 : Holidays of Future Passed

In this futuristic holiday episode, Bart is a...
December 11, 2011
Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson

Episode 10 : Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson

Homer lands his own political talk show and...
January 08, 2012
The D'oh-cial Network

Episode 11 : The D'oh-cial Network

Lisa creates her own social networking service,...
January 15, 2012
Moe Goes from Rags to Riches

Episode 12 : Moe Goes from Rags to Riches

After Moe is heckled for not having any real...
January 29, 2012
The Daughter Also Rises

Episode 13 : The Daughter Also Rises

Marge and Lisa's mother-daughter Valentine's Day...
February 12, 2012
At Long Last Leave

Episode 14 : At Long Last Leave

The Simpsons are evicted from Springfield and...
February 19, 2012
Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart

Episode 15 : Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart

In order to get back at his dad, Bart goes...
March 04, 2012
How I Wet Your Mother

Episode 16 : How I Wet Your Mother

Karma gets the best of Homer after he gets his...
March 11, 2012
Them, Robot

Episode 17 : Them, Robot

Mr. Burns replaces all of Springfield Power...
March 18, 2012
Beware My Cheating Bart

Episode 18 : Beware My Cheating Bart

When Bart supervises Jimbo's girlfriend at a...
April 15, 2012
A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again

Episode 19 : A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again

When Bart gets his wish for a family vacation, he...
April 29, 2012
The Spy Who Learned Me

Episode 20 : The Spy Who Learned Me

Homer embarrasses Marge at the movies during a...
May 06, 2012
Ned 'n' Edna's Blend

Episode 21 : Ned 'n' Edna's Blend

When word gets out that Edna and Ned have...
May 13, 2012
Lisa Goes Gaga

Episode 22 : Lisa Goes Gaga

In the Season 23 finale, Lisa tries to boost her...
May 20, 2012